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Our Wines: Orcia DOC

The wines of Valdorcia Terre Senesi are the result of the rediscovery of autoctone grape varieties such as Ciliegiolo, Pugnitello, Colorino and Fogliatonda, but above all from the cultivation of Sangiovese, the Tuscan grape variety for excellence, which allows us to have blends of strong character and quality, which are aged in oak barrels of various toasts and then refined in the bottle.

Our wines all belong to the Orcia DOC denomination.



It has an intense and lively colour, with a smooth long lasting and balanced flavour. Med

From: 12,50


Ripario is a wine for reflection, for those who have the sensitivity to capture the combination o

From: 18,00


Sornione is a wine that we have to wait for. It is only produced when the conditions are right, it r


Our Olive Oil

We have been producing extra virgin olive oil since the nineties.
We start the olive harvest at the beginning of October when the fruit changes color (veraison). This is the period in which the olives give the best oil: with very low acidity and polyphenols above average.
The harvest is done manually or with the help of facilitators. The fruits are immediately removed from the nets cleaned and placed in airy boxes and on the same day taken to the mill certified organic, where the cold milling is done.
We store our oil in stainless steel containers, in protected places so that the product does not undergo alterations and is naturally decanted before being put on the market.



MiOlio is an original extra virgin olive oil. It is produced exclusively with olives, obtained f

From: 8,00

Our Grappa

Traditional method no added sugar

Our grappa are handcrafted and obtained exclusively from the pomace of Valdorcia Terre Senesi, without the addition of lees, aromas or distillates of other origins.

The processing method of the grappa is obtained by discontinuous method in double process bain-marie stills, with redistillation of phlegm.

Recommended serving temperature: in order to fully appreciate the organoleptic characteristics, it is recommended to taste it at a temperature not lower than 18°C after having proceeded to an adequate oxygenation of the distillate in glass with a tulip-shaped goblet of medium size in fine glass.

Raw material (marc): Sangiovese grape marc produced and vinified by the Azienda Agricola Val D’Orcia Terre Senesi di Castiglione d’Orcia (SI).

Method of production: grappa obtained by discontinuous method in double process double bain-marie stills with phlegm redistillation.



Grappa from the pomace of Sangiovese grapes aged 3 months in barriques.



White grappa made from pomace of Sangiovese grapes.


Gift boxes



Sornione is a wine that we have to wait for. It is only produced when the conditions are right, it r

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Ripario 2015 in limited edition hand painted. *In collaboration with the literary winery Vald'O (



The Welcome box contains: Bucaccio 2016: intense and lively red color with a soft, pers

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