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About us

Antonio and Gabriella are the faces, the hands and the will to create unique products in a UNESCO world heritage areax


Antonio, was born in Calabria, in Filandari, a small town near Tropea. He spent most of his life in Milan, where he moved in search of work since he was a child.
Thanks to his father he grew up ``straight`` like plants. His guide were the values that his family and his land transmitted to him: humility, honesty, passion and self-confidence.
The Val d'Orcia was not in his plans, it came suddenly, almost by chance, but it entered him overwhelmingly. Today it is here among the vineyards and olive trees of his company, which thanks to the help of Gabriella and her three partners has become his present and his future.


The year in which Pink Flyod sang ``The dark side of the moon`` Gabriella was lucky enough to be born in ``the beautiful side of the heart``: the Val d'Orcia. Growing up among the affection of her parents and grandparents, once she grew up, she was afraid that having lived her childhood among the olive trees and vineyards had made her 'introverted'. Instead, thanks to Valdorcia Terre Senesi, the wine and olive oil she produces together with Antonio, she discovered the 'sunny' part of her personality. Today her greatest satisfaction is that she is able to transmit, to those who visit their winery, the love she nourishes towards the land that raised her and that as for her too, in addition to the past, represents her present and her future.