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Ripario Orcia Sangiovese

Ripario Orcia Sangiovese - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

A wine made with Sangiovese grape to discover 

Manual harvesting with careful selection, fermentation in stainless steel barrels at natural temperature and maceration of the must with the skins for about 20 days. Once the malolactic fermentation is completed, the wine is aged in various roasting oak barrels for 12 months and bottle ageing for 12 months.

Year 2010
- Silver medal Wine Selection 2012 with 85 points
- Gold medal International Biowein Preis 2013 with 92 points
- Bronze medal Decanter 2014

Year 2011
- Medal Wine Selection 2014 with 83 points 

scheda ripario scheda ripario [185 Kb]
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