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Orcia Doc and Igt wines

Orcia Doc and Igt wines - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

Our wines come from the discovery of the cultivation of autochthonous grapes, such as Ciliegiolo, Pugnitello, Colorino and Fogliatonda, but mainly from the cultivation of Sangiovese. It is the excellence grape, which joined to the other grapes allow us to have special blends of great quality, which are aged in small or large barrels of various roasting, in order to successively age them in the bottle. 

Our wines belong to the denomination of DOC Orcia and, with the same appelation DOC, also Vinsanto is produced using the traditional method.


Bucaccio Orcia 

Ripario Orcia Sangiovese

Sornione Orcia Sangiovese Riserva 

Scarabotti IGT Tuscany red wine 




Grappas - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

Traditional method no sugar added 

Our grappas are processed with traditional method and obtained exclusively from grape marc of our farm, without adding lees, flavorings or spirits from other source. The working method of our grappas is obtained by a discontinuous
method in a bain-marie stills with a double process and redistillation of phlegmas.

White Grappa

Amber Grappa

Reserve Grappa 


MiOlio, the organic extra-virgin olive oil

MiOlio, the organic extra-virgin olive oil - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

We have been producing extra virgin olive oil since the nineties and every year we can give to our customers the same high standard, thanks to our commitment and our working system.
We start the olive harvest when the fruit changes colour (veraison), which usually coincides with the end of October, and in this period the olives give the best oil: low acidity and polyphenols higher than the average.
The olive harvest is manually or with the help of facilitators. The fruits are removed immediately from the nets, cleaned and placed in ventilated boxes and on the same day they are taken to a certified organic mill, in which the olives are milled through the cold process.
We keep our olive oil in stainless steel containers, placed in suitable location where the product will not be altered and left to settle naturally before being presented on the market.


Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil IGP

Italian extra-virgin olive oil 

Tuscan monocultivar extra-virgin olive oil IGP 

Organic quality

Organic quality - Valdorcia Terre Senesi