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Orcia Doc and Igt wines

Calicepieno Orcia white

Calicepieno Orcia white - Valdorcia Terre Senesi
A white wine with the maximum freshness

Riparosa Orcia rosè

Riparosa Orcia rosè - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

It expresses the youth , the impetus and the vocation of this ancient land , capable of giving great products both immediately and in the future. 

Buccaccio Orcia

Buccaccio Orcia - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

A red wine with the right boost of Sangiovese

Ripario Orcia Sangiovese

Ripario Orcia Sangiovese - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

A wine made with Sangiovese grape to discover 

Sornione Orcia Sangiovese Riserva

Sornione Orcia Sangiovese Riserva - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

Our best expression of Sangiovese

Scarabotti Igt Tuscany

Scarabotti Igt Tuscany - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

A rich and autochthonous red wine 

'Nagocciola Orcia Vin Santo

'Nagocciola Orcia Vin Santo - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

Enjoy it at any time of the day, alone or combined with Italian traditional desserts.

“and returning to asking again from time to time would you like a shot of Vin Santo?” (G.Giusti)