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Our mission - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

Valdorcia Terre Senesi decided to produce quality products with organic seal because we think that this is thesuccessful strategy for the future, to be again in harmony with nature without pushing it to overproduction, to cultivate only autoctone varieties that naturally adapt to our soil. Proposing these kind of products on the market, we would be glad if more and more people choose to come back to an healthier diet, considering that we live in a world full of intolerances, and above all we would like to hand down a wholesome alimentary heritage to our sons. Our company has decided to undertake the same strategy also for the production of the wine, avoiding the usage of pesticides and insecticides, bringing in our winery wines of high quality, that don’t need any manipulation.

Our wine born from a careful selection of the grapes and of the species of wines, preferring local organic autoctone plants such as Ciliegiolo and Canaiolo to be mixed up with the Tuscany eccellent grapewine, which is the Sangiovese. The result is the creation of particular blends of high quality, which are aged inside of small oaken French barrels of different toasting grades and successively refined in bottles. We are programming to widen our production with the introduction of additional local wines such as the Pugnitello and the Fogliatonda. 


All our products are enregistrated to the farmers’ associations like the Consorzio Orcia and the Consorzio dell’IGP Toscano. Among the many projects of our company, we have in mind to organize seminars accessible to everybody but particularly dedicated to young people, in order to give them the opportunity to be in direct contact with nature, to discover the ancient productions, to taste our products and recover flavours and smells of the old days.

Our products are certified by ICEA Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute. It is a Consortium that control and certifies companies that carry out their activities in respect of people and nature, defending workers dignity and rights of consumers. 

 - Valdorcia Terre Senesi

 - Valdorcia Terre Senesi